Paws Grooming & Spa
Paws Grooming & Spa

Welcome to PAWS Grooming & Spa. 

With over 19 years of Pet Grooming and Special Services for Dogs. We understand the needs expected from each and every owner and pet. Our Service is set up in a way to easily provide the most convenience for you and your pet. Our mobile or store location has been design for the comfort of your pet.


We provide in the following services




Ear Cleaning/Flushes

Nail Trimming 


Deshedding Treatments

Skin/Fleas/Ticks Treatments 

Hand Drying 

Hair Styles Cuts 

Mouth Wash


Perfume of Choice 


Positive behavior reenforcement with treats through the grooming (if allow).

Pet will receive a free 5 point health evaluation.


Additional Services:

Massage Therapy

Nutrition Guide 

Basic Handling of your pet 





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